Get2Get Chedech Carbon Folding Bike Black


1. Fast and easy to fold into a small, convenient, compact size. One of the vital main features of Chedech is its small-sized folding function, which is perfectly suited for commuting. You’ll be able to ride many hours without worrying about your endurance, because You’ll be able to take a taxi or bus when you are tired. And, when you arrive at work you don’t wish to let your bike stand alone outside in bad weather, unwatched. You’ll be able to keep it under your desk and then quickly unfold it for the ride home. Chedech’s folding mechanism was built with time management in mind. We adopted quick release system and even invented new hinge system for the main folding part. When folded, Chedech is protected and easy to carry. 2. Lightweight. Chedech uses a special carbon material that is used all the way through the frame (main and rear) and handles. All of the major parts are made of carbon fiber, and that leads to a comparatively lightweight bike. For example, our chedech is only 9kg(without pedal). This lightweight design helps you to ride faster, and You’ll be able to also ride uphill more easily. Just like a good carbon road bike. 3. Strong and Durable. We completely understand where to use carbon and where to use metal. For the folding hinges, we used metal to keep it strong for folding movements. For the other frame parts we used carbon to keep the bike light and comfortable. In addition, we use a stronger carbon material for the parts connecting the metal hinge and carbon frames. 4. Flexibility Many bike riders think that it’s natural for a mini-velo to shake and vibrate a lot on account of the smaller wheels that rotate more cycles per distance as compared to standard size wheel sets, as well as of shorter forks. We solve this shaking (or vibrating) problem by the use of a carbon material, because carbon absorbs have an effect on and vibration. Chedech, which gives the rider a smooth carbon bike and flexible riding experience. You’re going to feel and enjoy the carbon body in each pedal stroke.


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