Yakima EZ+1 Add-On for DrTray

Compatibility: Yakima Dr. Tray
Part Number: 8002475
Recommended Use: travel


The Yakima EZ+1 Add-On on your Dr. Tray is a convenient way so as to add any other crew member in your tour. This add-on is quick and easy to put in when a last minute guest shows up for an outing, and its elevated design helps handle bike clearance at the same two-bike backbone of the Dr. Tray to keep bikes from bumping and make loading and unloading a cinch. Plus, the integrated SKS cable lock assists in keeping that third bike safely and securely locked in place all day long.
Compatibility: Yakima Dr. Tray
Part Number: 8002475
Really helpful Use: go back and forth
Manufacturer Warranty: limited lifetime


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